How to format and send quality artwork to Inkkni Design.

Screen Printing

All graphics must be natively 300 dpi or in a vector format. If your image is not originally 300 dpi it may cause the prints to be blurry. Our format of choice for screen printing is vector graphics. Vector graphics come in four main formats, .PDF .EPS, .AI, .SVG, and can be scaled up from its original size to any size above. This renders very crisp screens for all design prints.


Embroidery graphics are the same as screen printing graphics, 300 dpi or vector formats are preferred. All images must be digitized. Due to the nature of embroidery, you must specify what substrate the file will be applied to. An embroidery file made for a polo would be different from an embroidery file made for a structured hat since each substrate is of lesser or greater densities. Please send all embroidery graphics to for review.


Vinyl Graphics are the same as above, 300 dpi or vector formats are preferred. All images are converted to a vector format in the final stage. No graphics with details smaller than .225in will be created without modifications.

Website Images

If you're using photos please send us the highest quality photos available. A good rule to follow when deciding to use a photo is to imagine it on your office wall. If it looks good enough for your wall, it will most likely be good enough for your website. If you're using digital graphics such as a logo or other digital media our preference is to use a .svg file format. These are very small graphic files and are scalable to any size.
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Common Issues

Image Quality: There may be times when you just don't have the proper images size/quality. If this is the case you will have to rework/redesign the image to bring it up to standard for your project to render properly. This can be done in many ways. You can design it from scratch, hire a third party designer or ask us about our design options.
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Fonts: If you are using a specific font please send the font to us or send us the link of the font you are using via email. You can find font from many different websites on the internet.

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